Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

     All users’ privacy is respected and protected for use of the app. It is inevitable to collect some necessary information and call certain phone functions to meet users’ specific requirements. Details about information collection and use in such circumstances are explained in this privacy statement.

1. Range of Application

     a) Any personal data is not required and collected when users are downloading and using this app.
    b) This app will call some certain phone functions and services such as recording and snapshot when users request. The corresponding generated data is only for users to check.

2. Data use

     a) Use of camera on users’ phones
       It happens when users request to scan the QR code of the product he bought. The calling of camera discontinues after the product’s UID has been correctly recognized.
    b) Use of recording on user’s phone.
       It happends when users request for voice intercom. Recording data is transmitted to the product to play through network.
    c) Use of network access .
       It happens when users request to steer their products. Users’ instructions are normally transmitted from the app to the product through network, and may be relayed through a relay server and then transmetted to the product for lack of a stable network.

 3. Update of the privacy statement
    All rights are reserved at our full and complete discretion to modify, add and subtract portions of this privacy statement. Please check for any updates.

4. Contact us
    Please feel free to send email to when you have any concerns about this policy statement.



1. 适用范围
    a) 当用户下载和使用本App时,我们不要求用户提供任何信息,也不会收集任何个人信息。
    b) 用户使用本App时,App将根据客户请求调用用户手机上的部分功能服务,如录音、拍照等,数据仅供用户手机上自行查看,本App不作任何记录。

2. 信息使用说明
    a) 手机系统摄像机的使用
      用户扫描产品上的二维码,以获取产品UID时, 将会启用系统摄像机。二维码正确识别后,系统摄像机服务的调用将终止。
    b) 录音功能的使用
    c) 网络通信的使用
      用户请求App控制产品进行操作时,App需要访问系统联网状态,并通过网络将用户的指令发送至产品终端, 视网络状态情况,可能会需要服务器中继转发数据。

3. 隐私协议的更改

4. 联系我们