Alarm Clock Camera

Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock_V9

CBINHUANG Wi-Fi 1080P Hidden Camera Clock with P2P,Motion acticated,webcam and loop record function,disguised as a table clock to record live videos by connecting phone App or PC, view up to 9 cameras via internet.

Tech Specs:

1.Excellent Performance: 1080P Wireless Wi-Fi Camera supports IOS, Android phone, all types windows of computer 24-hour circulatory non-stop remote monitoring in motion detection mode. Smooth video quality, excellent low-light view.

2.Safety in Use: This WIFI clock camera is great for home, commercial or industrial spaces, disguised as a table clock, it can transmits secure, interference free, video signal directly to your wireless router for remote viewing and recording.

3.Control many devices at the same time: Included software allows you to view up to 9 cameras via internet without requiring any 3rd party service.

It also includes extensive recording features such as "motion detection recording" to keep a full record on your PC (1Gb/hr).